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Rahvusvahelise peasekretäri jõulu ja uusaasta tervitus

The year 2012 is drawing to its end and I would like to convey to you and your families, on behalf of the Permanent Executive Bureau and myself, our best wishes for the New Year 2013.


2012 has been characterized by the economic crisis which has struck many Countries, thousands of people, especially children, die every day from poverty and hunger and many others are suffering trying to live with dignity.

Therefore, it is satisfactory to notice that the basic ideas about friendship and solidarity between police officers in all Countries, as it was introduced in 1950 by the Founder of our Association, Arthur Troop, are still very much alive within the IPA family. The deep meaning of Friendship is to love and serve each other. It seems that despite all dissension between people and states, there is still place for friendship across the borders.

Our Association recently elected our new PEB members. The fact that this positive development has been achieved proves the strength of our ideas. The new PEB members are very enthusiastic, hard workers and ready to share and work on new ideas for the benefits of our organization. The new staff, Elke, in our IAC at Nottingham with Wendy and Lesley is giving us the pleasure and opportunity to serving you all rapidly and constructive.  The support of our advisor with his deep knowledge and experience is remarkable. This scheme is making me very optimistic for the future.

Today we experience a situation where we can notice an increasing interest in our Association. We have an opportunity not only to increase our membership figures but also the number of Sections. IPA is an International Organisation and it is very important to make our ideas known and accepted worldwide.

The highlight of the year was, of course, the XX IPA World Congress in Eilat-Israel. For me personally, this Congress was a very special event as I was re-elected as your International Secretary General for a second term. I thank you all for your trust and for your kind letters/emails with congratulations and good wishes, as well as with my health problem, which is going well. They made me feel happy and strong and give me courage to continue in the performance of the very important and difficult tasks with which you have entrusted on me.

Concluding this message, on behalf of all members of the Secretariat, Stephen, Wendy, Lesley and Elke,
I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous, Healthy and Happy New Year.
May 2013 bring us all what we hope to expect for our loved ones.

Servo per Amikeco

Georgios Katsaropoulos
International Secretary General

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