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IPA Sri Lanka sõprusnädal 2018
Algus Laupäev, 7. Juuli 2018
Lõpp Laupäev, 14. Juuli 2018


Dear IPA Estonia,

Allow us to introduce ourselves, we are the Sri Lanka chapter of the IPA (www.facebook.com/ipasrilanka/). We have partnered with Ceylon Roots (www.ceylonroots.com) to organize a tour for IPA Members worldwide from the 07th to 14th of July 2018 (programme attached below).

We kindly request your help in spreading the word amongst your members. If you could publish a post on our behalf asking them to get in touch with us if interested in joining this tour or if it would be alright, you could send us their email addresses so that we could reach out to them and check with them directly? Do let us know if you can assist us with this and any help would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve given the details of Ceylon Roots below in case you wanted to reach out to them or post their details online for interested members to get in touch with them.

Ceylon Roots
Telephone - +94 011 500 1432
Email address - See e-posti aadress on spämmirobotite eest kaitstud. Selle nägemiseks peab su veebilehitsejas olema JavaSkript sisse lülitatud.


Thank you once again!

Best Regards








Asukoht Sri Lanka